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Wiring diagram for SSR furnace control *PIC*

Posted By: Brad S
Date: 2/8/2006 - 12:45 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Question for Mark (Brad S)

I found some spare time tonight (okay, not really "spare" time, but I was too lazy to do the furnace maintenance I should have been doing instead), so I put together a quick wiring diagram for SSR control of a 240 volt electric furnace (or oven - it's the same either way). This setup will work for either wire elements or for line voltage connected SiC elements.

In an effort to keep the drawing as simple and understandable as possible I have omitted pretty much everything except the power control system itself. The diagram consists of the SSR and contactor wiring, without the door safety switch. I can add the safety system later if anyone wants me to. It will probably be more understandable as a separate drawing anyway. For anyone who can't figure it out, the red rectangle in the drawing represents the heating elements, which I realized I forgot to label as I was previewing this message before posting it. (I'll edit the drawing later to fix that.)

Once Mark's video arrives I will draw up something specific to his furnace, using as many of the same parts he does as possible. Any questions, comments, or criticisms, just post 'em.



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