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What this website is all about:

In-depth information about handmade glass and glassmaking techniques has always been difficult to find. In fact, over the centuries glassmaking information has been such a closely guarded secret that teams of assassins were sent to silence those who would divulge these secrets. Fortunately for us, things have lightened up a bit on that front, and over the last few years there has been an explosion in the creation of handmade glass, starting first with furnace glass, and then lampworked (or flameworked) glass.

This site is devoted to sharing information about handmade glass and glassmaking. These pages are intended for those with an interest in glassmaking - from experienced glassmakers willing to share their hard-won knowledge, to those who would simply like some background information about how their favorite piece of glass was made. I hope this site will make it a little easier for people to find glassmaking information than it was when I started. Often, the biggest problem in finding an answer is knowing the right question to ask, or where to ask it. It is hoped that the information on this site will make finding those answers a little easier.

These pages have intentionally been kept free of the HTML bells and whistles seen elsewhere. There are no frames, very few graphics and the page sizes have been kept relatively small so they will load quickly, even for those who have a slow connection to the internet. Dancing logos and musical icons get annoying quickly and take too long to load for my taste.


If you have any suggestions, criticisms, or stumble over any bad links, please let me know.


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